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John Hetzel was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1964 and grew up in nearby Concord. He attended Kent School, and received a BA in History from the University of Virginia in 1986. His artistic influences range from the renaissance greats through the impressionists Lautrec, Degas, and Pissaro, and beyond to the abstract expressionist theories of Wassily Kandinsky, and the work of Jackson Pollock.

"I drew often from a young age, and studied art history in college, determining to become a painter soon after graduation upon observing Botticelli's "Primavera" at the Uffizi. I began painting watercolors in the late 80s from my own photos in NYC, intrigued by the play on time to capture an image from the past, working it up in the present, and preserving it for the future. From this humble beginning, i have developed a diverse portfolio of over 500 works, predominantly watercolors, but including collage, mixed media, and oil paintings. My work often conveys people and places. For these types of paintings, I work either on location 'en plein air' or from my photographs. Upon completion of such a work, for many years I've used the leftover color swatches on the pallette to create works I dub 'freestyle' which are in the tradition of abstract expressionism" 

Though seemingly conflicting styles, there is a common thread through all Hetzel's work that strives to balance color, line and form to achieve a visceral account meant to elevate the soul of the beholder. 


May 2003, Prague,  Design Studio and Gallery De.Fakto..  Solo show-- Selected work in blue, and paintings from Lost in Love series.

April 2004, Radotín, Prague cultural center  U Koruny..  Solo show-- 75 painting retrospective.  A  diverse range of themes and media-- oils, watercolors, and collage.

May 2005  Charlottesville, Virginia..  Les Yeux Du Monde Gallery..  Group Show

September 2005 Charlottesville, Virginia.. Renaissance School Gallery.. Solo Show-- Selected watercolors and oils

December 2006 Charlottesville, Virginia Starr Hill Gallery.. Solo Show-- Works from Chapeau series and freestyle ladies 

October 2008 Charlottesville, Virginia.. C&O Gallery..  Solo Show-- Oils and watercolors of a mostly local flavor

April-July 2010 Charlottesville, Virginia.. Skylight Gallery.. Group Show-- Favorite places from Prague

December 2010 Crozet, Virginia.. King Family Vineyard, North Gallery.. Solo Show-- Potpourri: A selection of smaller works from the new century 

March 2011 Charlottesville, Virginia.. C&O Gallery..  Solo Show- Fusion

April 2011 Prague, Czech Republic..  Radotin Municipal Library.. Solo Show-- Returning From Home: Watercolors with Czech roots

June 2011 Charlottesville, VA.. Sustain Boutique.. Solo Show-- From Grounds to Ether: Melding of abstract and UVA themes

June 2011  Rowayton, CT.. CCNS Art Show.. Group Exhibition

May 2012 Norwalk, CT Maritime Garage gallery.. Senses of SONO.. Group Show

September 2017  Charlottesville, VA Spring Street Boutique.. Solo Show-- Nearest and Dearest


Personal~~ John and Natalie Rosa of Stamford, CT were married in the Pavilion II garden of University of Virginia on May 24th, 2008. They are the proud parents of Miss Remy Hammond  Hetzel, '09 and Kemper Johns Hetzel, '14.